• 4 Channel System

    This package is more suitable for houses, guard rooms, small shops and small premises etc.

  • 8 Channel System

    If you require more coverage for your house or business we highly recommend having this package.

  • 16 Channel System

    For more sensitive security system you can choose this. These 16 cameras cover all your highly protected areas.

  • Installation

    We install any kind of camera system in international standard with high quality equipments.

  • Maintenance

    01 year free maintenance for LEW CCTV installation. For exisitng systems you can come in to an agreement with LEW.

  • Warranty

    One year warrenty for all our products and services. Warrenty extention depends on your requirement.


Against crimes

CCTV system records the evidence of crimes and crimes rate can reduce giving criminals more risk. Today, CCTVs are the most dangerous enemies of criminals. Therefore ensure safety of your living place, office or stores moving with new technology of this fast moving world.

Legal aspect

CCTV evidence is more helpful to prove facts in courts and it is an important foot print for Law enforcement officials. It is accepted in Sri Lanka legal system and some times this video evidence becomes an extra piece of evidence giving a value to the case. Your CCTV helps to yourself and the society to make it free and justice.

Employee observation

As a preventive mechanism, CCTV system in your work place would reduce risk of theft, robbery and all kinds of illegal activities. This is indirect motivational instrument for ethics of your employees and protects your staff from violence caused by customers sometimes at cash exchange counters. entrance and exits.

Risk management

For the purpose of saving lives, equipment, Machineries, all your valuable goods and items this Camera System provide a easy way while monitoring and observing your work place and warehouse. Definitely, CCTV system helps to take preventive and emergency measuresto reduce potential damages and losses.

Home safety

Safety of family and house is the priority in everyone’s life. Your home CCTV system helps you to watch your kids, older persons, disable family members when you are even away from the house. If anyone needs more attention or if stranger things happen in your hose premises you can watch and attend immediately.

Building confidence

You, as the boss or father of a family have a huge responsibility and liability of life saving and promoting your business. CCTV system makes you more comfortable in official and household relationships making you aneasier way of living and moving around the world showing your trustworthiness.


  • 4 Channel

    99,990/- All inclusive
    • 4 HQ AHD CCTV Camera
    • 4 Channel AHD DVR
    • Used Monitor + 200m
    • Installation
    • Support
  • Best for house

    8 Channel

    180,000/- All inclusive
    • 8 HQ AHD CCTV Camera
    • Channel AHD DVR
    • Monitor + 300m
    • Installation
    • Support
  • 16 Channel

    299,990/- All inclusive
    • 16 HQ AHD CCTV Camera
    • Channel AHD DVR
    • Monitor + 500m
    • Installation
    • Support

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